Teenager Driver's Ed

Teens 15 ½ -18 years of age are required by the state of Ohio to receive 24 hours of classroom driving lessons and 8 hours behind the wheel training.

The 24 hours of classroom instruction are divided into 6 classes that are 4 hours each. If you can't attend classes consecutively, no problem! Simply attend the missed lesson number the next time that lesson comes up on the schedule. THE LAST LESSON MUST BE TAKEN LAST, it's a review and test of the previous lessons. Please don't to show up on the last lesson if you are not ready to take it.

Please arrive no sooner than 5 - 10 minutes prior to class start time.

A non-refundable minimum deposit in the amount of $100 is due at the student's first class (if you are not paying in full).The balance is due before student's can schedule driving.

We kindly request students bring notebook paper and pencil to class.

Certificates of Completion will arrive via mail 7 - 10 business days from the date the student completed our Teen Program. For your convenience, do not schedule driving exams until you have received the Certificate of Completion.

  • If your temps are expriring, you may renew them at your local license bureau.

CLICK HERE to learn more about renewing or obtaining your temporary license.

With the exception of our main office in Cleveland, school locations are staffed only when classes are in session. For your convenience, please review the classroom schedules before stopping in.

Cancellations: must be made at least 24 hours in advance or a $20 fee for a 2 hour lesson will be assessed.

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In-car Training

The mandatory 8 hour behind-the-wheel instruction is provided at the teen's convenience and around the instructor's availability. In-car training consists of one-on-one training, 2 hours per day for 4 days.

  • Students can't have an In-car session on the same day class is attended.
  • Before a student can schedule In-car training, tuition must be paid in full, and at least one class attended.
  • Student's are picked up at home, however arrangements can be made to be picked up at school or work.
  • Students must have their temporary license present every time they drive.

Students have 6 months to complete the teenager driver's education program.

You may visit an Ohio State Highway Patrol Driver License Exam Station, Deputy Registrar, Customer Service Center, or www. bmv.ohio.gov to obtain the Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws to study for the knowledge test.

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